Well Rounded Health Practices in Relationships

In today’s world, people are very concerned about their health. This concern extends to the food they eat, the exercise they do (or don’t do) and the work they follow. But one important consideration is sometimes missed – sexual health.

Sexual health in relations is a critical part of any comprehensive health plan, as important as weight, height and carbohydrate count. It is vital in any healthy relationship to discuss with each other their past sexual history and any health issues around it. After all, you talk about your financial and personal history with your partner, do you not? It is equally important to talk through any issues around your sex life before they cause real problems.

We all agree that a visit to the doctor is essential each year for a checkup, just to make sure everything is working well. We have our cholesterol and other blood levels checked, and undergo various pokings and proddings as a regular practice. Sexual health should be included in this annual ritual, including regular STD testing for both, and the results should be openly discussed once received. This is particularly important at the beginning of any relationship.

Discussion is the key word here. There can be no secrets in a successful relationship, and any health-based situations must be addressed openly and freely. Sexual incompatibility is a leading cause of divorce, and the shame of sexually transmitted diseases leading to health problems can also be a contributor. Fortunately, modern medicine has many different ways to help cure disease and mitigate any future issues, allowing for a happy and successful future together.

Relationships are not easy. They require dedication, work and open communication. By talking about any sexual health issues early and often, and working together to find satisfactory solutions, a couple can improve and expand their relationship continuously throughout their lives together.